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Alexandria Attorneys For Insurance Defense Litigation

Alexandria lawyers for insurance defense litigation at the law offices of Stafford, Stewart & Potter have a distinguished history and a strong reputation. Since 1977, attorneys of the firm have been representing some of the largest insurers in Louisiana and the United States. Our coverage liability litigation experience includes defense of insurance companies in automobile insurance claims, personal injury claims, product liability claims and corporate litigation.

Serving Clients Nationwide And In Area Communities Such As Pineville · Personal Injury Defense Lawyers

Companies rely on our extensive knowledge in legal aspects of insurance coverage issues and related questions. Attorneys at our insurance defense law firm handle all aspects and phases of coverage liability litigation, from the time when lawsuits are filed through all phases of trials and appeals.

We have handled thousands of insurance defense cases with a proven track record of results. A determined pursuit of success is a hallmark of our skillful handling of all phases of insurance defense litigation. Each case is unique in substance, execution, complexity and duration. Cost-efficiency in defense litigation is important to all our clients, and a high priority of our law firm, as well.

Customized Legal Services Provided By Stafford, Stewart & Potter

Clients of Stafford, Stewart & Potter value the customized legal counsel and one-on-one attention provided by our lawyers. Our ethic of customer service is reflected in our prompt responses to phone calls and direct access to attorneys that each client enjoys.

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